rendezvous dark kitchen launch

The Rendezvous Cafe in Church Street is one of the most well-known eateries in Inverness, occupying the site of the former Northern Meeting Hall, which played host to The Beatles in 1960. The restaurant is adorned with photographs and pictures highlighting the building’s showbiz heritage and attracts locals and tourists alike, as well as Beatles fans keen to walk in the footsteps of their heroes.

14a Church Street, is also home to The Dark Kitchen, a takeaway owned and operated by the same owner, Benny Karoci Hadar. To mark the 15th anniversary, Benny is merging the two different offerings and menus together and giving diners the chance to enjoy their favourite takeaway food in the surroundings of the iconic restaurant.
Along side an impressive wine collection, the restaurant will now be serving up sharing platters, tapas and burgers in addition to the Rendezvous’ tried and tested popular menu. The aim is to create a place not only for breakfast and lunch, but also a venue where groups of friends can meet for dinner and drinks ahead of a night out. Benny said: “We decided to blend the two separate sister brands together as people tell me they love the takeaway food at The Dark Kitchen, but now we’re giving them the chance to relax and enjoy their meals in the comfort of The Rendezvous. “We are still keeping our popular Rendezvous menu too and from 1st June, we’ll be incorporating items such as burgers, noodle bowls and wings. “The first 15 years in Inverness have been really special and I would like to thank everyone who has visited us over the years. The past two years during the pandemic were probably the most difficult, but it’s great to see people coming back through the doors again. “I’m always looking at ways to improve and I hope that merging the two menus will help us to continue to grow. Here’s to the next 15 years!”

Still serving The Rendezvous’ legendary breakfast and lunch menus, the restaurant also now serves fabulous sharing platters of selective fromagerie & charcuterie from 3-6 pm alongside an eclectic wine, beer and booze selection to complement the food.

From 6 pm-10 pm, we’re all about gourmet burgers, Dutch fries, wok-fried umami noodles, ramen, fried rice bowls as well as designed Milkshakes and desserts.

We’re now here, not just for breakfast and lunch, but as a beautiful fusion eatery where groups of friends can meet for dinner and drinks and sample our famous Rendezvous ambience, service and highland hospitality.


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