noun 'rɒndɪvuː,-deɪvu'

an ​arrangement to ​meet someone, ​especially ​secretly, at a ​particular ​place and ​time, or the ​place itself: The ​lovers ​met at a ​secret rendezvous in the ​park.

a ​place where a ​particular ​group of ​people often go or ​meet, by ​arrangement or ​habit: This ​restaurant is a ​popular rendezvous for ​local ​artists.

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The Northern Meeting Rooms

Our friendly cafe sits on a site of great historical importance, starting out as the venue for the Northern Meeting in the late 1700's, many decisions to improve and enliven Highland life were taken here and the Rooms saw many grand social occassions.

Dance Hall

From the 1940's - 1960's the Northern Meeting Rooms, hosted dances in it's luxurious ballroom with guest including Princess Margaret and, with multiple floors, all music tastes were catered for. The Beatles or 'The Silver Beetles' as they were then known, played the venue on their first ever tour as a support act in May 1960.

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'The Silver Beetles played here'

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Record Shop

Sadly, the Rooms were demolished for development in the 1960's but the spirit of celebrating music and the arts lived on, as The Record Rendezvous took it's place. The site had merely transformed to keep up with changing culture and the (then) modern age of vinyl and cassette music.


The 'social' evolution of the Meeting Rooms continued when in 2000 the record shop became a Deli and slowly transformed itself to a famous local eatery with a fingerprint of vintage cinema and great music. The Rendezvous has always served the people of Inverness as a place to come and enjoy conversation, culture and enjoy all life has to offer.

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